Mytelka Memorial Seminar – The Jewish Bookshelf in Medieval Cairo: Book Lists from the Cairo Genizah

Oct 10, 2023, 4:30 pm6:00 pm



Event Description

The Program in Judaic Studies proudly welcomes this year's Mytelka Scholar, Ronny Vollandt, and begins his visit to Princeton with this seminar on Tuesday, October 10.

Medieval book lists from the Cairo Genizah preserve important evidence on the availability and circulation of Jewish books in the medieval Near East. They also provide information on, possibly otherwise lost, works or authors. However, book lists often contain a rudimentary description of the physical appearance of a book and its codicological composition, specifying the book type (codex, daftar, scroll, rotulus), formats, quire structure, binding, or absence of thereof. This seminar will provide a survey of aspects relevant to medieval Jewish book history and the terminology used to describe these.

All University faculty, researchers, staff, and students are welcome to attend, but space is limited – please RSVP to [email protected]. Refreshments will be available.


More about Ronny Vollandt

Ronny Vollandt, Ph.D. (2011, University of Cambridge), is a Professor of Judaic Studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich. He teaches Rabbinics and Jewish intellectual heritage in the Near East. His research usually relies on manuscripts. That’s where, in his opinion, the fun begins.

He is also the director on the Munich Research Centre of Jewish-Arabic Cultures, which carries out several research projects in the field of Jewish Literature in Arabic.

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