Rabbi James S. Diamond Memorial Lecture

In partnership with the James S. Diamond Memorial Lecture Committee and the Center for Jewish Life


Speaker & Lecture Title

2018 Jeffrey Saks, From ‘A City of the Dead’ to ‘A City in Its Fullness’: Evolving Depictions of Buczacz in the Long Arc of S.Y. Agnon’s Writing”
2017 Steven M. Cohen, Hebrew Union College, “Polarization and Alienation in Jewish Life Today”


Debbie Diamond, violin and Corey Jamason, harpsichord, “Virtuosic Highlights of the Baroque"


Dr. Ruth Gavison, "Political Zionism: The Dilemma of Liberal Jews"


MK Dr. Ruth Calderon "The Talmud of Today: How a Secular Jew fell in Love with the Talmud" Watch the Video