The Carolyn L. Drucker '80 Memorial Prize

Through the generosity of the Drucker family, the Program is able to offer an annual prize for the best senior thesis related to Judaic Studies (broadly defined).  Before the establishment of the Program, the prize was offered under the auspices of the Committee for Jewish Studies, the Program's predecessor.

The 2019 Drucker First Prize was awarded to Nathaniel Moses, Department of History, for “Exegetical Encounters: Edward Pococke’s Bible and Seventeenth-Century Orientalism.” Second Prize was awarded to Maya Aronoff, Woodrow Wilson School, for “We Were All Once Refugees: The Battle Over Israeli Policies Towards African Asylum-Seekers.”

For more information about the Drucker Prize, please contact the program.

In the Past

Drucker Winners 2017: Tony Grafton, Ayelet Wenger, Joshua Katz, and Maya Rosen

2017 Drucker Prize winners Ayelet Wenger (l) and Maya Rosen (r), pictured with Profs. Anthony Grafton and Joshua Katz

Past Drucker Memorial Prize Recipients