Summer Seminar 2015

Exploring Universals:  Ritual and Linguistic Structures

Napthali Meshel (Religion and Judaic Studies, Princeton University) and Anand Mishra (Classical Indology, Heidelberg University)
Rituals and languages are primary human accomplishments that point towards the existence of complex underlying structures.  Are there universal principles that direct rituals and languages?  If so, how can one comprehend or formulate them?  Is there a rigorous 'Universal Grammer' common to languages and non-linguistics ritual systems?
Observe traditional rituals performed in Varanasi (Benares Hindu University, Dr. Patanjali Mishra).  Analyze ancient ritual texts and current practices from Jewish and South Asian traditions.  Applications welcome from students from diverse backgrounds, including: religion, linguistics, computer science, philosophy, and the social sciences.  No prior knowledge of Sanskrit or Hebrew required.
For more information and application please contact: [email protected].
August 5-25, 2015
Funded by the David A. Gardner '69 Magic Project
Program in Judaic Studies and Program in South Asian Studies

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