Undergraduate Certificate Program

Interdisciplinary Perspective

The undergraduate Program in Judaic Studies offers students the opportunity to gain an interdisciplinary perspective on the history, religion, languages, and culture of this dynamic and variegated civilization from Biblical times to the modern day.


Students may earn a certificate of proficiency by choosing one of the options below:

  1.  Take a minimum of five courses in Judaic studies, which must include JDS 202 “Great Books of the Jewish Tradition” and at least one course from the pre-modern period or
  2.  Take three courses to include JDS 202 “Great Books of the Jewish Tradition” and one course from the pre-modern period plus write a senior thesis that draws significantly on some aspect of Judaic studies.

A sound program of study will involve both historical range (courses in pre-modern and modern periods) and disciplinary breadth. While a junior paper in the field is not required, students are encouraged to explore the field of Judaic studies in their junior-year independent work. A freshman seminar may count as one of the required courses. Depending on other coursework, Hebrew language courses may count towards the requirements with the approval of the Director.

Each student's course of study must be approved by the program director as well as by the departmental representative in the student's department of concentration. The certificate requirements are compatible with a concentration in any humanities or social science department.