Past Undergraduate Summer Funding


  • Noreen Anderson '19: Arabic language study
  • Avichai Bass '18: Turkish language study
  • Carolyn Beard '18: Senior Thesis research
  • Debora Darabi '18: Summer Study abroad
  • Avital Fried '20: Summer Study abroad
  • Matthew Kritz '18: EAJS conference
  • Jonathan Lebeau '18: Senior Thesis research
  • Sang Lee '18: Senior Thesis research
  • David Major '20: Internship at the Hartman Institute
  • Kevin McElwee '18: Internship at the Ground Truth Project
  • Nathaniel Moses '19: Arabic language study
  • Tali Pelts '20: Internship at the Hartman Institute
  • Yossi Quint '17: Senior Thesis research
  • Daniel Schwartz '19: Arabic language study
  • Delaney Thull '19: Independent project


  • Rachel Brill ’19: Intern, National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia
  • Natalie Fahlberg ’18: Senior thesis research on women in the military, Israel
  • Mikaela Gerwin ’19: Princeton in Spain, Toledo
  • Becca Keener ’17: Senior thesis research on minority rights at Amnesty International, Tel Aviv, and Hebrew University
  • Jonathan Lebeau ’18: Hebrew language study, Tel Aviv
  • Erin Lynch ’18: Senior thesis research, Havana and Berlin
  • Alice Maiden ’19: Intern, National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia
  • Maya Rosen ’17: Senor thesis research, London
  • Yoni Schoenberg ’19: EMT volunteer, Magen David Adom, Israel
  • Daniel Schwartz ’19: Intern, Shalom Hartman Institute
  • Elan Sykes ’18: Arabic language study, Israel
  • Daniel Teehan ’17: Hebrew language study, Haifa, and research on political theater in Israel and Palestine
  • Ayelet Wenger ’17: Latin language study, New York
  • Eliana Yashgur ’19: Intern at a conflict-resolution nonprofit, Israel


  • Shira Cohen ’16: Intern, National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia
  • Ariel Futter ’15: Senior thesis research, Israel
  • Matthew Kritz ’18: Intern, Israel Democracy Institute, Israel
  • Sarah Lossing ’17: Hebrew language study, Jerusalem
  • Danielle Pintz ’17: Hebrew language study, Tel Aviv
  • Maya Rosen ’17: Talmud study, New York City
  • Gracie Stone ’16: Hebrew language study, Tel Aviv
  • Ayelet Wenger ’17: Princeton-in-Munich and German language study


  • Hillary Dodyk ’15: Senior thesis research, Europe
  • Martina Fouquet ’16: Intern, Israel Religious Action Center, Jerusalem
  • Ben Goldman ’15: Senior thesis research, Shanghai
  • Yonina Kirsch ’16: Intern, Terem Public Clinic, Tel Aviv
  • Yosef Quint ’17: Intern, Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem
  • Anna Rubin ’15: Senior thesis research, London
  • Sarina Shrier ’16: Intern, Center for Women’s Justice, Jerusalem
  • Ayelet Wenger ’17: Greek language study, Arizona
  • Ben Wolfson ’17: Intern, Israel Museum, Jerusalem


  • Jeanette Beebe ’14: German language study
  • Arielle Davidoff ’14: Research on Ancient Jewish synagogues
  • Jared Garland ’15: Research on Jewish immigrants in Brazil
  • Richard Grove ’14: Senior thesis research on linking the Red and Dead Seas
  • Jacob Jackson ’14: Internship with Amnesty International in Israel
  • Uchechi Kalu ’14: Senior thesis research on Palestinian social resistance
  • Bina Peltz ’15: Research in Germany and Israel
  • Aron Wander ’15: Internship at the Shalom Hartman Institute
  • Vivienne Tam ’15: PIIRS Global Seminar in Poland


  • Atara Cohen ’15:  Yiddish language study at Vilnius Yiddish Institute
  • Brandon Davis ’13: Internship at Ma’anan, Israel
  • Nava Friedman ’13: Senior Thesis research
  • Ariel Futter ’15: internship at the Shalom Hartman Institute
  • Sophie Karchemskiy ’15: Hebrew language study, Haifa
  • Leor Klainerman ’14: Hebrew language study, Israel
  • Abby Klionsky ’14: Internship at Southern Jewish Life
  • Bina Peltz ’15: Internship at the Shalem Center
  • Anna Rubin ’15: Hebrew language study, Hebrew University
  • Shehzad Ukani ’13: Study of Biblical Hebrew, Hebrew University


  • Morris Breitbart ’12: Arabic language immersion program (Kwartler Fund)
  • Kerry Brodie ‘12: Senior thesis research in Israel (Kwartler Fund)
  • Brandon Davis ’13: Research in Argentina
  • Nava Friedman ’13: Research in Uganda
  • Enoch Kuo ’13: Study of Biblical Hebrew at Hebrew University
  • Kelly Roache ‘12: Intensive study of Hebrew (Kwartler Fund)
  • Eric Silberman ’13: Research in Poland
  • Sarah Zarrin ’13: Study of Ancient Greek


  • Gavi Barnhard ’13: Study of Arabic at the American University in Cairo
  • Jeremy Furchtgott ’12: Travel in Israel with IsraeLinks
  • Miriam Geronimus ’11: Intensive study of Yiddish at the Vilnius Yiddish Institute
  • Ari Heistein ’11: (Kwartler Fund) work with the Regional Council of Unrecognized Villages in Israel for research on Bedouins in Israel 
  • ​​​​​Ruthie Nachmany ’12: (Kwartler Fund) travel to Israel to study Middle Eastern Jewish jewelry, mysticism and magic
  • Olaf Sakkers ’11: (Kwartler Fund) study of Hebrew at the Jerusalem Ulpan


  • Efe Balikcioglu ’10: Intensive Persian language program in Istanbul
  • Esther Breger ’10: Study of Arabic and research on Cairene Jewry, in Cairo
  • Kerry Brodie '12: (Kwartler Fund) internships at Zborowski Center at Yad Vashem and Shalem Center, in Israel
  • Nathaniel Gardenswartz  ’12: (Kwartler Fund) internship at the Centrum Judaicum Foundation in Berlin
  • Miriam Geronimus ’11: Intensive study of Yiddish at National Yiddish Book Center
  • Talia Nussbaum ’10: Travel to Thailand and Central America for project on the consequences of mandatory military service in Israel


  • Efe Balikcioglu (’10) to take a  Persian language course in India.
  • Miriam Geronimus (’11) to study Yiddish through YIVO’s Uriel Weinrich Program at NYU.
  • Talia Nussbaum (’10) to travel to Israel for a photography/interview research project.
  • Alexis Rodda (’10) for a trip to Vienna to work as an intern at the Judisches Museum Wien.
  • Ari Shnidman (’09) received a Dorot Grant for research at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovet, Israel.


  • Efe Balikcioglu (’10) for the summer CET program “Jewish Studies in Prague.”
  • Jonathan Fluger (’08) to travel to Israel to take part in the archaeological dig at Kibbutz Ramat Rachel and to take two courses on archaeology.
  • Elissa Frankle (’08) for a trip to Vienna to work as an intern at the Judisches Museum Wien.
  • Jennifer Logan (’08) to travel to Israel to study Hebrew at the University of Haifa Ulpan and to work in Haifa with Yedid, a social justice organization. 
  • Timothy A. Nunan (’08) to travel to Berlin to do research for an intellectual biography of Leopold Schwarzchild.


  • Jonathan Fluger ('08) to study German at the Goethe Institute in New York, to help with his study of German-Jewish philosophy.
  • Thor Imsdahl ('09) to study Hebrew at the Brandeis University Summer Hebrew Program.
  • Matthew Kandel ('09) for a trip to Israel this summer as a research assistant at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.
  • Jonah Perlin ('07) for a trip to Germany as a Goldman Fellow at the AJC's Ramer Center for German-Jewish Relations.
  • Benjamin Pollack ('07) to study Yiddish at the Vilnius Yiddish Institute's summer program.
  • Jonathan Pomerantz ('07) to study Hebrew at Hebrew University.
  • Lauren Racusin ('07) to study Holocaust memorials in Europe.
  • Jordan Reimer ('08) to study intensive Arabic at Middlebury Language School.
  • Additionally, two Dorot Grants to Daniel Lieber, to attend the Weizmann Institute to do genetic research, and Jason Turetsky to study Hebrew in Israel.


  • Caroline Block (’06)  for senior thesis research in France on how anti-Semitism effects the internal dynamics of the Jews who live there.  She will gather current and historical media information and will also participate in and interact with Jewish communities in Paris.
  • Maggie Dillon (’06) to help with an unpaid internship at the Jüdisches Museum Wien, where she will do research on the Holocaust.
  • Jonathan Fluger (’08)  to study the German language at the Goethe Institute in Washington , D.C. , in order to continue his study of German/Austrian-Jewish geneology.
  • Henryk Jaronowski (’06) for research on the Jewish community in Vienna today.
  • Sarit Kattan (’06) to study Latin at Columbia University and take the following courses on Talmud, Mishna, and Jewish philosophy at Drisha Institute for Jewish Education: Talmud II: Sukkah, Chapters 1, 2, Jewish Law II: Laws of Shabbat; Bible II: On the Day of His Wedding, on the Day of the Gladness of His Heart (Song of Songs 3:11), What’s the Question? Reading Responsa Literature; Philosophy, Levels II: Encountering God in Philosophy and Kabbalah.
  • Elizabeth Landau (’06) to travel to Spain and do primary research on for her senior thesis, by interviewing descendants of the medieval Jewish conversos, and to visit libraries with historical records not available in the U.S..
  • Dylan Tatz (’06) to travel to Columbus, Ohio and Washington, D.C. to do research for his senior thesis on the prioritization of Jewish philanthropies of Zionist/Israel causes versus North American causes since 1948.
  • Jason Turetsky (’07) to take a course, “Politics and Government in Israel,” at Penn, which is not available at Princeton, and which he needs to pursue his interest in Israeli politics.


  • Jonathan Chavkin (’05) to study Hebrew.
  • Henryk Jaronowski (’06) for an internship at the Jewish Museum in Vienna.
  • Sarit Kattan (’06) to study Arabic so she can use primary sources for her senior thesis.
  • Rena Lauer (’05) to study intensive French to prepare her for the primary research she will do for her senior thesis on medieval French Jewry.


  • Beth Gordon (’04) for research on her senior thesis Jews of the American West and the Taboo of Intermarriage, including travels to Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.


  • Minda Lee Arrow ('04) worked through one of the Jewish Agency's programs called Kefiada, in a small town, Ofakim, in order to staff a kaytana or day camp whose goal is to augment the English programs that are mandatory for all Israeli schoolchildren.
  • Amos Bitzan ('03) received support for a month's stay in Princeton in order to do extensive research for his senior thesis- What do Graetz, Dubnow, and Scholem, three historians who fall into "German-Jewish historiographical tradition", make of the 1492 expulsion of Jews from Spain?
  • Rachel Smith ('03) studied German at the University of Vienna this summer, so that she could do research for her senior thesis in the original language.